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The survey found 48 percent or 87 jurors of the total 182 are from Ontario, while Quebec came in second with 22 percent (40 jurors) and British Columbia in third with nine percent (16 jurors). Looking at the jurors’ hometowns, Toronto had the most jurors (35 percent), Montreal the second most (20 percent) and Ottawa the third (seven percent). The results also showed 73 percent or 133 members are male, with 24 percent of the jurors (44) being female and three percent (5) of the jury members’ gender being unknown.Here’s a video overview of the 10 acts on the short list, beginning with this year’s winner.F ed Up: Crooked Head, from the album The Chemistry of Common Life:Posted: 2009/07/08 at 1:53 AMGive it to K’Naan, seriously.

Although there are no magic magnets this case works in a similar way. The groves provide a bending place for the cover to flip back and form a stand. Once folded back the HP TouchPad case is held in place with a Velcro type fastener and provides a comfortable angle for typing..

Being attracted to kids is not their choise. I am also attracted to a lot of (adult) women I can have sex with and I still don rape them. If you speak german, we had a very interesting AMA by a pedophile who lived a normal life.. Once upon a time, car companies like Hyundai had synchronized driving teams that were designed to blow your mind and remind you that even modest vehicle models could do amazing things in the right (well coordinated) hands. We’re talking people who could drive vertically on two wheels while the passenger changed a tire on their side of the car (see 1:55 in this YouTube video). These kind of signature moves haven’t been just for fancy car commercials either, as evidenced by a team of Isuzu drivers who currently perform events around Australia..

Recent half time performers include the Who, Bruce Springsteen the E Street Band, the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney.”The Black Eyed Peas to perform at the Super Bowl,” PhilBeforeYou tweeted. “My question isn’t, ‘Why them?’ but ‘How do you go from the Who last year to them?’ Awful.”Twitter user whymelawd disagreed, saying the Peas have “had lots of commercial hits and their performances are good.”Do you think the Black Eyed Peas are a good choice for the Super Bowl half time show? What musical act would you want to see? Let us know in the comments below.Are the Black Eyed Peas are a good choice for the Super Bowl half time show?customer surveys(This survey is not scientific. It is based on readers’ responses.)Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

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