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Obama was born in America plain and simple and Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology. So my friends, there is no new Donald Trump. There never will be.. I encourage you to look at how although premiums did go up in many areas under Obamacare, they actually went up less than they had been going up YoY under the previous system. The bill is not perfect, but it certainly is better than before. To borrow a phrase from your post, “insurance isn rocket science” and the larger and more diversified the pool of insured is the cheaper it is for everyone on average..

Since then, he’s played a broad range of characters, from sleazy snake oil salesmen to befuddled husbands and fathers, though casting directors and filmmakers do tend to enjoy giving Baldwin larger than life parts where he gets to deliver bombastic, meaty speeches. (In some ways, the delightfully obtuse conservative narcissist he plays on 30 Rock, Jack Donaghy, is a coy send up of the archetypal Alec Baldwin role.)Here’s a chronological overview of some of Baldwin’s best onscreen characters:In 1988, Baldwin got his first opportunity to flex his comedic chops in Tim Burton’s Beetle Juice, where he plays half of a frustrated newly dead couple. Along with his ghostly wife, Adam Maitland is trapped in the purgatory of their idyllic country home with the obnoxious new owners, whom the pair try to scare away with the help of a freelance “bio exorcist” expert a grotesque spirit clown named Betelgeuse (Michael Keaton).Around the same time, Baldwin was the go to guy for hapless working dude characters who couldn’t quite measure up to their dynamic leading ladies.

Armand also takes a scientific look at pop evolution. He hunts for the major revolutions in his historic chart data, looking for those artists who transformed the musical landscape. The outcomes are fascinating and surprising, though fans of the Fab Four may not be pleased with the results.

Alastair Cook retires: Former England captain to call time on international career after India Test seriesAlastair Cook has announced he would call time on his England career after this week’s final Test against India at The Oval. Cook, who captained England in a record 59 Tests, will continue to play for his county, Essex, but has opted to bow out of the international scene at the end of this series . It will bring to an end a remarkable unbroken run of 160 Tests for the opening batsman, who is also England’s all time leading run scorer with 12,254 runs the sixth most prolific batsman in Test history and 32 hundreds in a stellar 12 year career at the highest level..

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