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They got off 20 shots, just one of those days. The first leg of this match ended 1 1 on a field that has been deemed unplayable from that day forth. Literally. The lawsuit, which has been filed in the United District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division, maintains that Converse has been manufacturing, marketing, and selling athletic footwear, called the GreekPak, to members and supporters of African American fraternities and sororities and that this conduct constitutes trademark and trade dress infringement, as well as unfair competition and deceptive trade practices. As indicated by Harry Johnson, national president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., “The Converse shoes we’re looking at contain the identical founding year and organizational colors as our respective organizations and was an obvious attempt by Converse to capitalize on the goodwill our groups have worked so hard to develop. This was no coincidence.” The lawsuit charges that Converse has enriched itself at the expense of the African American fraternities and sororities and the unsuspecting consumers who believe that Converse has permission from and endorsement by these African American groups to sell these shoes.

It is not only the buying and selling of goods, but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. Major companies have embraced the culture and capabilities of the Internet as an integral part of their business operations. Companies use the Web to buy parts and supplies from other companies, to collaborate on sales promotions, and to do joint research..

The franchise he played for paid him to play basketball and help them win games. But sports go deeper than that for fans. Kids were playing basketball in the backyard pretending to be Barkley and Jordan. I know how the military works . I know how Congress works . I know how the world works.”.

For instance, the later Kings of England were absolutely English, the same as the Valois Kings were absolutely French. But the legitimacy of a Plantagenet on the French throne vs a Valois on the French throne was an open question through most of the war and generally unrelated to nationality at least until Charles VII. This doesn make sense to a modern understanding, where one is distinctly and singularly English and the other distinctly and singularly French.

This is a question with a very long answer, that it much too late for me to write in full tonight, but to try to present some of it succinctly; I never said Stalin was good (by most accounts he was an awful person to try to actually have to be around, and as you mentioned the matter of his policies is much worse than that), I said that I believe him to have been a genuine Marxian Socialist doing what he (in his extreme inconsolable paranoia) thought was a good idea for the future of Socialism. I do this because I detest attempts at trying to place his, and the broad swath of the Socialist projects of the 20th Century outside of the genealogy of Marxian general “Leftist” theory practice. I suppose much of the reason for that is my own distrust of others on the left though, not in the sense that I see them as falling into similar traps, but in that I may have watched too many Adam Curtis docs read too many Michael Parenti books, and I am far more fearful of the implications of a Left that abdicates the call to power.

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