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Then, a new stepdad enters the picture. Although theoretically part of the family unit, he often feels left. The children tend to continue running to mom for protection from this man who they don’t consider their father. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileChildren who have only a month long summer break from school perform better in math and remember more of their lessons, according to the results of a study obtained by the Globe and Mail.The pilot study compared the Roberta Bondar Public School in Brampton, Ont., which offers year round education, with a school where students had the more traditional two month summer vacation. Both schools had similar student demographics.The children in the year round program had higher math scores and remembered significantly more information following the summer holiday. That helped teachers move forward with new lessons instead of having to spend time going over material students would normally forget over a two month break, the Globe reported.Both traditional and year round schools offer a similar number of instruction days, but the latter spreads out vacation days over the school year.Should year round schooling be Canada wide? How do you keep your kids intellectually stimulated during summer holidays? Let us know.Would you enrol your children in a year round school?online surveys(This poll is not scientific.

This is all done in the name of “acceptance and equality.” Everyone must go to and graduate from college is the prevailing mindset. I don’t want to be equal and the same as everyone else, instead I wish we would build a society that promotes success rather than equality, but I doubt I’ll see that any time soon. I won’t be seeing it during my life time..

You were a teenager before, your parents probably handled the grandparent relationship for good or ill, and hopefully, they’ll understand this. Call them up and ask if you can come over and talk to them. If your grandparents are reasonable people, they’ll greet you with love and enthusiasm.

While I was at the party and my girlfriend friend decided to take the easy route and got me blackout drunk, then drove me back to my place in my car. I wake up she alternating between riding and blowing me (thank you whiskey dick). I stumble to the living room and pass out on the couch.

Plastic eating bacteria. A team of scientists searching through sediments at a plastic bottle recycling plant in Osaka, Japan, have found a strain of bacteria that has evolved to consume the most common type of plastic plastics made from ethylene terephthalate, commonly called PET, which are used in polyester fibers, disposable bottles, and food containers. Plastics feature long molecular chains called polymers, which most organisms can’t break down.

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